“I met a little elf-man, once, down where the lillies blow,

I asked him why he was so small and why he didn’t grow.

He slightly frowned, and with his eye he looked me through and through.

‘I’m quite as big for me’ said he,
‘As you are big for you.'”

John Kendricks Bangs

My inspiration for this school came from reading “The Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv. In his inspirational – and at times saddening and maddening – book, the author talks about how nature and the freedom to explore is disappearing from the lives of our children. As I started to look at preschools, I realized these components of freedom, nature, and independence were missing from so many programs. I thought about what I would want to see in a preschool for my own children and from that, ‘A Little Place to Grow’ was born.

By maintaining a small group in a nurturing and predictable environment, children become comfortable enough to start testing their own limits and learn to try and try again. This is the way to build confident and independent children; by providing them a safe environment to fail and by showing them that it is alright to need to try again. Their peers become their teachers, cheerleaders and greatest allies.

I strongly believe that all children are born loving to learn and explore. Unfortunately, by pushing an academic agenda too soon we can squash that natural curiosity. A Little Place to Grow uses a play based and exploratory method to help gently guide the children, but academics is not the focus. We learn through song, art, nature, and play. Each week we have “themes” to guide our exploration, and projects to help us learn.

From my experience the best place for children to learn is outside! Without walls or a roof around them there is no limit to how far the imagination can go! We are outside at every opportunity and incorporating nature into every single day.

Each day concludes by eating a hot, homemade meal together at the table. By helping prepare meals, serving food and eating alongside their peers children are more likely to try new foods and develop a love for healthy and nourishing food.

I believe we should be striving to fill every moment of the day with joy, and I try to instill that philosophy in A Little Place to Grow.

Our Summer and Fall enrollment is now open! If our program sounds like a good fit for your child, click the button below to fill out our Parent Survey, and I will contact you directly!